Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cheap and Green Dilemma!

One way I save money is by shopping at a grocery store that is very close (saves gas/less pollution) that doubles coupons that are 99c up to 1.98. Occassionally they'll even have triple coupons. And best of all...they take my expired coupons. Now, they've never said they take expired coupons, but I've never had one rejected so I have continued to use them until someone tells me they don't accept them!

The closeness of the store and their coupon policy has helped me save A LOT of money. Mind you, they are not the cheapest grocery store, but when you combine a sale item with a doubled (or tripled) coupon, you can get stuff very cheap and sometimes free.

So, you ask, what's the dilemma? Well, I have heard they are closing that location! The next closest location is 20 miles away. Yes, there are other grocery stores in the area, but none as close and with the same coupon policies. What to do?

One idea I have is to stop by a branch close to my work maybe once a month and stock up, but with sales changing each week, it may be hard to match up the coupons with the deals.

I can, of course, go to one of the other big grocery stores that offer 50c coupons doubled, I just won't be able to get quite as good savings.

My last idea is to visit the Aldi's's not very close, but it's not too far, either, and I've heard they have some good prices there (although no coupons, I think).

Any suggestions for me?