Monday, March 24, 2008

Paper towel challenge

My sister is also cheap and green. We exchange so many good ideas with each other and challenge each other. Most recently I mentioned I got a great deal on a 12 pack of chlorine-free recycled paper towels.

"I don't use paper towels," she said. What? How?!? I have a 6 year old and a husband who loves to cook but is quite sloppy. Without paper towels what would my kitchen look like (shudder)?

Ok, people existed before paper towels, so let's try it.

I bought Trader Joe's kitchen towels. They are pretty thick- almost like felt, and yes, they pick up stuff like nobody's business. Cool. I don't know about other people, but these get washed pretty frequently in my house...I can't stand that day-old sponge know what I'm talking about.

So, while I still have some paper towels to use up, we'll be using them more slowly because of the TJ kitchen towels. And we'll be saving money. While a 2 pack of these towels is $3.99, you might spend that on a paper towel 4 pack...and these will last longer.


Nancy & Dave said...

That's right! I don't use paper towels! We dry our hands/dishes with small kitchen towels. To clean the counters with cloth also and some earth friendly cleaner (Seventh Generation, Method or Green Works). And we use cloth napkins too! I have a pack of paper napkins that are over a year old!!!

Christine said...
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Alissa said...

I've pretty much stopped using paper towels too! We use them very rarely now, and only for REALLY gross things (we have 3 cats - use your imagination!). We buy post-consumer recycled paper towels, and it's amazing how long they will last now! I can go months without buying them!

By the way, I really like your blog. :) I like it so much, I added it to my link list on my blog... I love to support anyone who supports our planet. :)

Christine said...

Thanks for the comment! I'll check out your blog as well!