Monday, April 21, 2008

Penn State: cheap and green!

This weekend we went up to the Blue White game at Penn State. While I am not a big football fan, it was a fun family road trip up to "Happy Valley".

With a stadium that fits about 110,000 people (bigger than most NFL stadiums!), you can imagine the trash generated. Check out the size of the half-filled Beaver Stadium!

What was great about this is that it was cheap (you can go into the game for free) AND they had free recycling bags for the tailgaters!

This is great for the MANY, MANY people who Nittany Lions know who you are :) We saw plenty of people making use of these recycling bags.
So I am definitely a Penn State fan now. I hope other universities who have big sports teams and tailgating follow Penn State's lead in recycling like this.

Does your alma mater recycle?

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