Monday, May 12, 2008

All kinds of good things!

Hope Mother's Day was great for you all! I've been away from posting for a few days, but for good reason. But first...

I made the rhubarb! It was surprisingly easy: cut rhubarb, put in a stainless tell pot with sugar and water. Voila! My grandmother would make this for me. I guess I knew it was technically a vegetable but it was so darn good.

While I was cooking it, I leaned over to smell it and I swear I was in my grandmother's kitchen with her spooning it into a little clear pyrex bowl for me. Smels really do bring back memories.

And it was DELICIOUS! I may have sweetened it too much, but I was really pleased with the result. Organic rhubarb officially rocks.

Oh, and why I haven't posted for a few days?
Oh...I became an aunt!!!!!


Alissa said...

Congratulations!! He's soooo cute. :)

Nancy said...

That's one cute baby!