Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reviews of more Planet Green shows

So I've been watching Planet Green here and there and besides Wa$ted, I've now seen Hollywood Green and Supper Club.

Hollywood Green was ok if you were simply watching it as if it were Entertainment Tonight. The only really green aspect seemed to be a sometimes really stretched "green" item. It was more Hollywood, a teeny green. One of the stories started out with something like, "Brad Pitt is involved with this green cause" and then launched into the trailer for his new movie. That's all good and fine (I like Brad Pitt, who doesn't?) but there are a lot of people in Hollywood that really are involved in green causes that could be more in-depth stories, like Leonardo di Caprio or Robert Redford.

I really liked Supper Club. This show has a group of 4 people gathered for a "green" meal and discuss issues about the environment. The meal is prepared by chefs who promote sustainable food sources and local food sources. So it's part cooking show, part panel discussion. The episode I saw had not only Hollywood types, but a scientist and a radio broadcaster. The radio guy doesn't believe in global warming so it was interesting to watch the debate with the scientist. There was an actress who discussed how she had mercury poisoning and how it lead her to investigate avoiding toxins in the environment. But it wasn't all seriousness, there were a lot of laughs. Tom Bergeron was the host (I normally don't like him) but he was charming and funny. So based on the one episode I saw, I'd recommend it.

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