Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Berries and more berries!

When you are a kid playing outside in your backyard, there are so many new things to discover...toads, wildflowers, cicada shells....

What's even more exciting is when you discover something new in your parents' backyard years later as an adult. Have you guessed yet? It's raspberries!!!

A few years ago, a developer cut through the very back of my parents' yard (which had previously backed up to woods. This was a real sore spot for my parents, but they planted some trees along the road in the hopes of shielding them from the road. Well, karma was in action because the next summer, raspberry bushes cropped up EVERYWHERE along the sides of the new road! Black and red varieties were all over! We picked them until our hands were scratched and sore from the thorns, but it was well worth it!

Black raspberries are probably my favorite fruit. I was really eager for this year's crop from my parents' "organic berry farm" as I call it. A couple days ago, they brought me over some of their berries. My dad made a pie, I ate some for breakfast the next day and also threw them in the blender and made smoothies. I love it: simple, beautiful and tasty.

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Melissa said...

my mouth won't stop watering over the blackberries. we used to have a big blackberry patch at my parents' house on the back hill. It was this super steep slope, so if we thought we were going to fall, we'd have to fall forward onto the thorns, since a few scratches is way better than a 300 feet tumble down the hill. =P