Monday, July 7, 2008

Keeping Oceans Clean

After spending a little time here at the beach (and a little break from the blog), I thought it would be important to mention something about the ocean.

Whenever I visit the ocean, I am amazed at how HUGE it is- just from my vantage point. Standing at the edge of the water, it's truly hard for me to comprehend its size. While I'm not a big sun worshipper (I'm the one under the umbrella wearing SPF 700), I love the ocean- the smell, the sound, the sand. And the kids love it too- I think of the ocean as a natural playground for the kids.

While much of the general environmental concern deals with implementing better ways of living our everyday lives, I think we also need to think about places, like the ocean, that might not be part of our everyday life, but are important to our planet and are a beautiful thing in our own lives.

The Ad Council has collaborated with a number of companies (including Disney) and agencies to create an ad that promotes awareness of this. There's a great, fun site for kids at, and below is one of the ads for keeping the oceans clean.

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Nancy said...

Cute photo of Jack! Are you guys having fun??