Friday, July 18, 2008

Popcorn !

I was tempted to title this "I am corny" since my last post entitled "I am annoying" was one of the most visited days for this blog!

Anyway, this post is about cheaply popping popcorn. Remember back in the day before the invention of the microwave popcorn bags, when there were air poppers and jiffy pop and I seem to remember some scary metal contraption my mom had that looked like a pressure cooker...who knows!?!?

Microwave popcorn is certainly easy, but not so cheap. Here's a neat and cheap trick I learned from my brother in law, Dave.

Buy the good old bag of kernels. You get a lot and they're very inexpensive! Get a paper lunchbag, put 1/4 cup of kernels in, fold the top of the bag and put in the microwave. You may have to experiment to find the correct time for your microwave. Ours takes 1 minute, 15 seconds. Voila! Perfectly popped popcorn!
You can add whatever seasoning you like- I spray with I can't believe it's not butter. And I have found you can use your paper lunch bags more than once. When you're done with the bag, you can recycle it with your paper (unlike microwave popcorn bags). Cheap and green!


Justine said...

The "I am corny" would have been cute! Thanks to you and your bil for this tip! We love popcorn and I tend to stock up when I can get a good deal on the microwave kind, but I also have one of those plastic contraptions you put in the micro with kernels (but its seen better days!)

Kathryn B. said...

Great tip! I grew up thinking that to make popcorn, you either bought microwave popcorn or had to have one of those special air-popper thingies. It was only in adulthood that I learned how to make popcorn in a plain old pot (very easy; cheaper and tastier too)! However, your method sounds even easier/lazier, and zero waste, so I am going to try it!

Kim's Mom said...

I've used the paper bags before with success.

I want to thank you for the tipo of spraying the popcorn with butter flavored spray! I enjoy popcorn, but don't like the calories the stuff (butter) I add to make it taste good adds. I've tried the powdered butter buds and the like but, of course that doesn't stick...Why didn't I think of the spray? Great idea! Thank you!