Saturday, September 6, 2008

Freezers are trendy!

A little over a year ago, we purchased a small upright freezer. Our main reason for buying it was to freeze some of our farmer's market produce to enjoy over the winter (I enjoyed a lot of good, local tasty things over the winter). We also like to make lots of casseroles ahead of time for quick dinners later on.

As you can guess, I am also one of those people who also buys in bulk when there is a sale. With a small freezer (energy star of course!) we can freeze groceries purchased on sale. Like Boca Burgers- I really like them but they are pretty expensive. When my grocery store had a sale (1.50 less than usual), I paired it with a coupon and voila: half price Boca Burgers...bought four and loaded them into the mini freezer.

It seems that this is becoming less of a "frugal" person's practice and more common place. The Associated Press reported a 7% rise in the sale of individual freezers. Even manufacturers are redesigning refrigerator/freezer combos with larger freezer sections. The article also said that about half the households in the US have a supplemental freezer...who knew?

Do you have a freezer?

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Joy in the Burbs... said...

We do not own a stand-alone freezer, but I do have an extra fridge/freezer in our garage. It is constantly full. I buy meat in bulk in and freeze. I also go to the far end of the meat counter and look at the managers specials (the meat that is about to expire) and that is usually where I buy our meat. Right now we are in the middle of hurricane season, so I don't keep my freezer as full as usual. If we have a power outage I don't want to loose a lot.
Where did you find a Boca coupon. I'd love to get my hands on some of those. I love Boca products.