Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cheap and Green Christmas Gifts for Kids

I love Christmas. I love the smells of it, I love the celebrations and I love how most people seem a little nicer. I especially love the excitement of kids at this time of year. While some of their excitement revolves around getting gifts, I think kids are also excited about all the rituals surrounding the holidays...leaving cookies out for Santa, decorating the tree and visiting relatives.

I am a real believer in having experiences over having things (one day I'll write about the epic vintage Barbie collection I had). I hope to pass this on to my son and I think Christmas can be a great time to teach that lesson. We talked about how many times, fun doesn't revolve around physical objects, but instead is about doing things. Then we talked about some fun times we had and things he'd like to do. I told him for Christmas this year, he could think of 3 activities he'd like to do, and they would be gifts from me.

So far, he's thought of one- going to the aquarium. That's great because they have lots of activities there that deal with the environment AND it's cheap...and from September through March, it's $8 after 5pm on Fridays.

So this year, some of his gifts will be things we'll do, and some will still be toys, but hopefully our activity gifts will be more memorable than a Transformer in years to come.

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Jennifer said...

that is a good tip. I like to get and give memberships to places like museums for Christmas. I also like to give magazine subscriptions, though I guess that isn't so green. But I think it is better then one more toy to a child who has everything anyway.