Monday, October 20, 2008

Green Mom Finds

Just a little break in the "Keeping Your House Green without Spending Much" series to let you know that you'll be able to find some of my posts at Green Mom Finds. Yay!

Green Mom Finds

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Rachel said...

Congratulations Christine! Your "Keeping Your House Green" series looks fantastic, so it's no wonder. Have you thought about including green household products in your suggestions? They're becoming more and more common, and you can make your own with baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and other simple (and cheap!) ingredients.

Anyway, I just ran into your website while browsing through some green parenting blogs, and I thought you might be interested in hearing about a campaign to make Disney more environmentally responsible. I'm working with the Center for Health, Environment and Justice on their Disney Go Green! Campaign, which is fighting to get green cleaning products in Disney parks, hotels, and restaurants, where children and workers face a great deal of exposure to toxics. We've learned that the only Disney facility that uses green cleaners is the Animal Kingdom. As much as we support this initiative to protect the animals from toxins, we feel that visiting children and company employees deserve the same level of consideration. Coming up on October 29th, CHEJ is having a National Day of Action for the campaign, so we're looking to spread the word!

I wondered if you'd be interested in hosting a green cleaning party (maybe a green-themed Halloween?) or even helping us spread the word about the campaign through your blog. There's a great deal of background information on our website (, but I'd be happy to answer any questions. Thanks for your time!

Rachel Voss
Intern, Childproofing Our Communities Campaign