Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can Holiday Cards Be Cheap and Green?

I struggled with the idea of holiday cards this year. By far, the cheapest and greenest thing to do would be to send e-cards. No photo cards to pay for, no stamps to pay for, no trash from envelopes or pollution/carbon from the transport of the cards from my house to all over the country. So the simple answer would be e-cards...right?

While e-cards are definitely the cheapest and greenest, I just can't do it. I LOVE getting cards in the mail. I LOVE seeing pictures of my friends and relatives' kids as they grow. I save those pictures every year. And I love hearing from people I don't necessarily hear from any other time of year. So how do I reconcile sending cards with my budget (I send out a little more than 50 cards...that postage adds up!) and trying to be kind to the environment?

Here's what I came up with. Postcards. I found holiday themed postcards at snapfish and York Photo. Not only does that eliminate the envelope trash (or recycling, we'd hope!) but the postage is cheaper. So I am happy with being able to share the holiday spirit while finding a way to make my greetings a little cheaper and a little greener.


Lynn from organicmania.com said...

Love the idea of cards! I'm using e-cards for my business this year, but I'm with you on how hard it is to give up the family card habit...in fact, I was just thinking about this today! Great idea!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

That's a great idea. I may consider that for next year. This year it's the card, envelope, postage etc etc.

I love getting the cards with pictures in them too. It's the only time I see most of these people.

Jennifer said...

Awesome idea! I always order my cards from Snapfish and the postcards is a better way to do it. Thanks for the idea!