Monday, June 15, 2009

Yard Sale Success!

We are done with the annual yard sale and it was a success! We actually didn't have as much stuff as we had in previous years...but that's a good thing! We had minimal knick-knacks and more of old toys and clothes my son had outgrown, along with some old furniture pieces and small kitchen appliances. Most of it sold and the rest went to Goodwill (we opted to bypass a freecycle free-for-all this year since we wanted to get the driveway cleared off!)

We made $109...a nice little chunk of change that can be spending money for our vacation in a few weeks.

Sometimes I wonder how well we'd do if we were closer to the main road (we're at the end of a court), but it seems like the two signs we put up got enough people to us. It was a nice, not too hot, day and we had fun!

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Jerry said...

Congrats on the yard sale success. It feels so good to clean out your old things and donate the rest. We have been recycling, freecycling and donating for years and feel that it has been insurance for our budget and lifestyle. If people weren't generous and gave us or sold to us reasonably things they didn't need then it would lead us to have to purchase those items. Ahhh...I love summers for this very reason. Let the yard sales begin...