Thursday, April 3, 2008

Goin' down the toilet!

My sister wanted me to post about my toilets. Really. So here it is!

We save 1 gallon of water everytime we you ask? A new low-flow toilet? No, that's not in our budget at this point.

The next best thing...we fill up a used gallon milk jug with enough water to prevent it from floating and set it in the tank. Your tank fills with one less gallon of water everytime you flush. How's that for cheap :)

And as far as pictures, well, I did take some of the toilet tank but I just don't think you'd want to see that!


Bloggin Momma said...

I recently thought the same thing about low flow toilets not being in my budget but then I found some on eBay and for the price of a regular 1.6 GPF toilet at your local home store, I was able to score NEW low-flow toilets.

Also, check with your local water company because ours was offering $50 towards the purchase of a 1.6 GPF toilet if you were replacing an older 3.6 GPF model.

Christine said...

Thanks! What a great tip!