Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I love my clothesline!

My husband's mother has NEVER had a clothes dryer. I used think that was ludicrous, but in trying to use less energy, I have discovered the joys of the clothesline!

Spring has brought us nice sunny days, so I've been trying out the retractable clothesline we put on the deck. The lines attach to hooks at one end and when you're done, roll back up into the box mounted on the wall.

I've found I love it! It really doesn't take much time to hang the clothes, and it's a nice excuse to go out into the sunshine. We get full sun on the deck from around 11:30 am on, so even on a not-so-sunny day, everything is dry pretty well before dinner time. And the clothes smell naturally fresh!
While we certainly haven't eliminated the use of our dryer, about every other load is going out onto the line, so we are saving 50% of the energy previously used for the dryer. Once summer hits , I plan to put much more laundry out!

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