Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I LOVE Feline Pine litter !!!!!!

Let me start by saying I don't do any of those product review/advertising blogging stuff. So, anytime I am talking about a product, it is my true opinion with no one paying me :)

Anyway, I finally tried Feline Pine regular, NONclumping). My only regret is why, oh why, did I not try this earlier?!?! Okay, let's put the eco-friendly aspect aside for a minute. I would use Feline Pine if I knew nothing about/cared nothing about being environmental. Why?

There is almost NO SMELL. That's right. Pretty much just a saw dusty smell. We used Feline Pine and when we needed to change the litter box, we used up the last of the old clumping stuff and I could not believe how much that stuff stinks (cat owners, you know that ammonia-ish smell?) Plus it produces all that unhealthy dust.

So it's great because it reduces that nasty pee odor and BONUS! no chemically, pee-ridden litter clumps in the landfill.

It says on the bag that it should last 4 weeks. We have 2 cats and at the rate we're going, it'll last 2 weeks, which makes sense. It costs 3.59 for the bag

My only (small) problem is that it takes a little longer to have to get the sawdust out and leave the pellets in...kind of like the opposite of scooping out the clumps. But hey, a little more time is worth it!!! They have a special litter box I think I might buy...kind of works like one of those pans miners use looking for gold :)

The Feline Pine website (which for some reason isn't working at the moment) even has a rebate where you can try your first bag for free. Surprisingly (to me, at least) Feline Pine is found pretty much at all grocery stores, Target/Walmart and PetSmart stores. Try it out!

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