Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Organic makeup

I'm an art teacher, and when my students oil paint I make a point to tell them that if oil paint gets on their skin, wash right away. There's some not so great ingredients in oil paint. And guess what? Some of those ingredients are in the makeup that people put on their bare skin. AND the FDA does not regulate cosmetics. Did you know there are eyeliners on the market that contain lead? For more info, go the the FDA's official website.

Because of this, I recently ordered some organic makeup. Many of the websites that sell organic cosmetics sell small samples for $1. So I ordered eyeliner (they only had full size), eyeshadow and lipstick (I don't wear foundation). They also only had full size mascara and the one I wanted was $28 (ouch! not frugal), so I passed on that for now.

My samples in the mail last week. I ordered these items and here's what I thought of them (and as a side note, I'm not a big "makeup person". I might wear it once a week. So I was looking for something pretty simple that will probably have to last awhile).

Couldn't tell any difference between this and the old Maybelline. It may have gone on smoother even. This one's a keeper.

I was also happy with these (I ordered the $1 samples which will probably give me 5 uses each). They come in a powder form (not pressed), but that was no problem. I'll probably decide to order a full sized one once I decide which color I like the best.

Very nice! Packaged liek chapstick. Goes on smooth like chapstick, with a nice color, more lipstick-y than just tinted chapstick. I got Rose Quartz, a nice subtle color. I will definitely order this again! And costs less than most regular lipsticks.

Obviously, I got the $1 samples. A REALLY nice product. Great color (I got a matte color) that had nice coverage and didn't cake up. I'd buy a lot of these if they were cheaper. I liked this better than the Ecotints even, but for the price, I'll stick with Ecotints.

I'm still researching mascaras...I really need something that doesn't run/smear/etc...and I'm a little worried about dishing out the money for something that might be too "smeary" for me.

The eyeliner and ecotints were comparable price-wise to the non-organic products I used to buy, so that's an easy transition. The eyeshadow is more expensive, but when it comes to health, paying a little more is worth it.

Have you tried any organic cosmetics?

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