Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easy coupons!

I've been posting a lot of "green" posts lately, so here's a cheap one :)

I LOVE coupons. A LOT. It takes some time and effort, but it really pays off. I think the real trick is to only clip coupons for stuff you regularly use.

I've been couponing for years, but in the past few I changed my habits even more. In trying to reduce the amount of packaging we buy, there are some coupons I don't use anymore...like softsoap.

I love softsoap, but the convenience didn't seem worth the many bottles we used up..even not worth the refill bottle when we could use plain old bar soap. So the softsoap coupons were out, the bar soap coupons are in!

So most of my coupons come from the newspaper and from my parents' newspaper, but just recently I tried something that I can't believe didn't cross my mind before... requesting coupons via email directly from the manufacturer!

We drink organic milk and coupons for that can be hard to find. So I went to the Horizon website and clicked on their contact form. In two short sentences (We drink your milk and love it. Can you send me coupons?) and a week later I had coupons mailed to me from Horizon! Almost too easy to be true.

I tried this with a number of products...same short, to the point request, and 8 out of ten sent me coupons. Since these are for things we always use, it's like free money...and so easy.

My next mission is to request coupons from Method cleaners and Burt's Bees...I'll post what happens.

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Lisa said...

I love writing or calling manufacturers and requesting coupons. I'm like a kid at Christmas when I find some in my mailbox! hehe