Saturday, May 3, 2008

Economic Stimulus Check and more..

Today we received a leeter in the mail saying our economic stimulus check would be direct deposited on/around May 2nd. And lo and behold, when I checked our account online, it was there!

And no, we are not spending it or buying into a gift card deal ...this goes straight into our savings/emergency fund. My take on this "found money" is that we should save it until something worthwhile/needed comes along for us to spend it on instead of rushing out and spending it on luxuries.

I think the way the economy has been going has really made me motivated to save. Who knows what will happen in the future? I know that my couponing used to save me lots of I filled up my gas tank half way and the bill was more than my coupon savings. So it seems that the couponing that used to help me come out ahead is now just barely helping me break even.

Wow, and even with coupons (tripled this week at Superfresh!), prices have gone up SO MUCH at the grocery store! The gogurt yogurt my son loves has gone up more than a dollar in the past year...but I see this as incentive to find cheaper and healthier alternatives.

So, I think I'll just tuck away that money for now :)

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Nancy said...

The whole economic stimilus thing is ironic. I heard the government spent over $40 million dollars mailing out letters about it. And now it sounds like they are sending out another round of letters just to tell you it is being deposited? Seems to me, if you sign up for electronic deposit, they should send you an email confirmation. What a waste of paper. I can't wait until G.W. is out of office. Sorry for my rant!