Monday, May 19, 2008

Zero-VOC paint

People who know me know I love to change the colors of my walls. Most of the walls in my house have been at least 2 colors...and I've only been in this house 4 years. Chalk it up to me being an art teacher and loving lots of color.

I need to paint my bathroom. It's a very small bathroom and I probably could get by with a quart of paint. So, knowing that low or zero- VOC (volitle organic compound) paints are much healthier to use, I went on a search for the cheapest, greenest paint.

I checked Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Duron. All three offered low or zero VOC paints, but only in gallon sizes. Depending on the finish, they all ranged from about $30-$38 per gallon. Not so cheap.

But then, doing a little more surfing, I found Olympic Premium paint was zero-VOC and available at Lowe's. I called Lowe's and found out that not only does a gallon cost about $20, but there is also a current offer for a $5 rebate! Woo-hoo...half the price of the others. And another bonus...comes in quart sizes for $8.98.

I'll let you know how the paint works!

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