Monday, June 30, 2008

Book Review: Green-up your Clean Up

I got this book, "Green up your Cleanup" by Jill Schoff, out of the library last week. Anytime I see a "green" book, I usually check it out. The best ones, in my opinion, have practical information I can use right away.

This book had some information why the author switched to making her own natural cleaners. It also has room-by-room green cleaning tips. For the most part, the cleaning tips were things I knew already.

What I did like was that the book had recipes for cleaners that were easy AND explained each ingredient and what that ingredient does. Many of the internet resources about making your own cleaners just give the ingredients. Along with the explanation of ingredients, the author provided a good index of resources in the back of the book. Overall, a good book, but it's definitely one I would check out from the library rather than buy (but that's most books for me anyway!)

Will I change my cleaners? I already use and like Bon Ami- it's cheap and green, so I'll probably keep using that. I might change some of my surface sprays, though. Currently I use either Seventh Generation or Method. I really like both, but they are not cheap. My only problem with some of the homemade cleaners use vinegar, which I can't stand the smell of. The author suggests buying and using "essential oils" to mask the vinegar smell. Sounds like a plan, but 1/2 oz can cost anywhere from $5 to $20. Granted, you only use a drop or two, so it would probably still be cheaper than Method spray, but does it really cover up the vinegar scent?

Has anyone out there used essential oils and know whether or not they cover up the nasty vinegar scent?

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Robin said...

Keep in mind that you are cutting the vinegar with water, which helps minimize the smell, and that the smell dissapates when it dries.

I've added peppermint and lemongrass oils to the vinegar solution, which makes for an odd combination of scents, so I hold those in reserve to scent my Dr Bronner's.

Tea Tree oil masks the vinegar effectively, but smells like...tea tree oil. Vaguely like medicine. My husband prefers it because the antiseptic scent evokes some inner sense of "sterile". Myself, I prefer just the vinegar and water.

For what it's worth, Heinz vinegar seems to be not so "sharp" on the ol' olfactory senses...