Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cheap and Green TEVA's

I had to post this great cheap and green deal. TEVA is having a clearance sale. I found some GREAT cheap and green deals.

They have a few styles to choose from. These are the shoes I bought. They're very similar in style to the shoes I have now (except my old pair now has holes in them!) They are marked down to $14.99 from $55. But it gets better!

If you spend $50+, you can use this code:
TEVAADVENTURE08 and get $10 off and free shipping. So I bought this pair (and a pair of mules for the same price) and 2 pair for my husband. After all the math is said and done, with the code, these super-comfy shoes averaged out at about $12.50 a pair.
But it still gets better!

The shoes are made with post consumer waste! The soles are recycled rubber and the "canvas" top of the shoe above is made from things like recycled soda bottles. Cool!

I was thrilled with this deal. I really only try to buy things like shoes when I need them because good shoes are so expensive. I was really excited to find quality shoes that were cheap and green too!

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