Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cheap and Local Weekend

Wow...busy weekend!

Friday Night we went up to Broom's Bloom Dairy (I posted about it earlier here.) Their ice cream is fresh and oh, so good. Plus, you can eat it in a very scenic area. It's much prettier there than the Ben & Jerry's downtown. (See photos to the right.)

Saturday I went to the Farmer's Market. It's kind of exciting that each week they have more and more.

This week I got one of my favorites- sugar snap peas. They're so good I've been eating them "raw", the way I ate peas from the vines in my grandparents' garden. Also got a zucchini, some stir-fry greens and some nice bok choy.

Sunday we went to a birthday party at Annie's Playground. It's the biggest playground on the east coast! It's a great place for a kids' get to be outdoors and play, there's no rental fee (just staking out your tables at the pavillions).

The playground looks like it's made from that recycled deck material (yay) and on the ground are old shredded tires, which gave a remarkably bouncy walk and cushion for falls- not like the stones and wood chips we had as kids!
And finally, Jack and I did a little planting after the party. I planted a fledgling lilac bush I was kindly given by someone on freecycle. Freecycle has been great for my garden- people frequently post when they have plants they have dug up and no longer want.

We also planted some herb seeds (sweet basil, parsley, dill and chives) that we can use in our cooking. Jack loved planting the seeds. I am notorious for my plant killing but I am working really hard to get better at growing things, so wish us luck!

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