Monday, June 16, 2008

The Easiest, Most Common Sense Way to Save Money

The easiest way to save money is overlooked frequently...don't buy stuff! Remember the Saturday Night Live skit "Don't Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford" ? It's funny...but true.

I'm not a big clothes shopper but I LOVE to shop for things for the house: curtains and pillows and sheets and I seriously have a plate addiction. I've been restraining myself from buying these and these. I don't need any more plates and the Wedgwood ones are way out of the budget! (But they are pretty...aren't they?)

So about a year ago, I decided to stop "recreationally" shopping. It's just too easy for me to see nice things that I don't need, but want :) and then buy them. So now the only time I really shop for household items is when I need them. When we switched from teflon to stainless steel pans (that'll be another post!) I went out to a couple places, compared prices and bought just what we needed.

Shortly after I decided to avoid recreational shopping, I found a book at the library called, "Not Buying It" bu Judith Levine. It was a pretty enjoyable read. She and her husband decided to go a year without buying ANYTHING they didn't absolutely NEED. Now that's hardcore, and far from my little "avoid buying more household knick knacks" plan. But it was interesting to see how many things we don't really need, but buy without even thinking about it.

So while I am not as austere as the author was, I think I've done a pretty good job at avoiding the temptations of Bed, Bath and Beyond. But I am still working on not buying those plates :)


Nancy said...

That skit was from the SNL Dave and I had tickets to!!! Whenever I buy something new, I donate something which helps cut back on clutter. For example, if I buy a new shirt, I donate or consign a shirt. But you are right, the best way is not to buy anything unless you need it.

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Ah, but sometimes I feel like I need those plates :)

Nancy said...

I almost got you a set of plates from Brian last night! Since he is getting married and combining households, he had boxes of stuff for people to pick through. But I let Rich take them since he is a new homeowner and a single dude. They were nice! Black and brick red funky plates.