Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cheap Green Fun Today

We just got back from a great little activity. My mom, son and I went on a little hike on the Ma & Pa Trail. This is a walking/running/biking trail that runs along where the original Ma & Pa Railroad ran. It's a really nice trail. It's paved and nice and cool under all those trees. We had a great cheap and green morning walking the trail for about an hour.

My son Jack found interesting leaves and plants to write about in the nature journal he's keeping this summer. I'm glad we checked out the trail. It's just another thing located so close to us that is fun and free.

After the trail, we went over to the Goodwill store to see what kinds of things they have this week. Shopping at thrift stores like this is one of my favorite ways to "re-use" and the money spent is used to help others. My mom found an Eddie Bauer horseshoe set and Jack found a pitcher for his lemonade stand this weekend at our yard sale. Bonus- today was senior citizen discount day so Mom and Jack got their stuff 15% off.

We went to a local restaurant and had lunch then one more stop- TJ Maxx...ironic since I just wrote about avoiding recreational shopping! But I did find a pair of Naturalizer shoes for $20 that can be my "school shoes" in the fall and 2 bottles of organic shampoo for $3 each. I haven't tried any organic/natural shampoo yet...I'm still using up my reserves from the V05 49c sale.

We had a really nice day and I think we'll make our trail walk a weekly thing as we explore the different branches of the trail.


Nancy said...

I want to read Jack's nature journal! I need to find some cheap organic shampoo! I like the Kiss My Face shampoo & conditioner but the $8 price tag is hard for me to swallow after using 99 cent Suave for years!

Christine said...

Yeah, but there was a problem with the shampoo that I'm posting about later.