Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Trashy Post

Catchy title, eh? Sorry, though, this is just a G-rated post about my garbage. I've been very conscious of our trash production since the Enviromom challenge of 1 can a month. After one week...well so far we have about 1/4 can filled! Could it be we might succeed? I'm excited about my trash (or lack thereof). Yay!

And I found out today that my trash collectors now take recyclables 1-7 !!! Woo-hoo! Previously, they had taken 1-3 only.

I think our compost container is helping. We haven't gotten worms yet but we're composting without for now. I read that I should have used a dark container (not clear) because it works better away from light, but since I had already drilled the holes in it, we just decided to keep it under the deck where it's dark.

So the plastic recycling goes in the recycling bin, paper in the paper bin, food scraps (like banana peels and eggshells) go to the compost bin and what's left for our monthly trash challenge is pretty much just stuff like granola bar wrappers and milk cartons.

This really gives me a sense of accomplishment...When we save electricity, a smaller bill is great, don't get me wrong, but actually seeing a physical difference in our trash is pretty cool, and not as hard as I thought!


Alissa said...

Isn't it the greatest feeling?? When we first started composting (we're lucky enough to have curbside compost pickup), I couldn't BELIEVE the difference it made in our garbage. We also avoid disposables, so like you, it's mostly wrappers and such... and tops of yogurt containers (the tin-foily stuff... not sure if that's recyclable!). Our milk cartons get recycled with our plastics. When I realized how much we were cutting down on our garbage, it challenged me to try to reduce it even further. Now I find myself analyzing packaging before I buy something to make sure it's fully recyclable. If it's not, I try to leave it behind. :)

Great job to you!

Nancy said...

Woo hoo! I wish my recyclers would take #3-7s. Can't wait to hear about your composting. Maybe you can help me start! Noah's gDiapers are compostable (just the pee diaps).

Alice Berger said...

Lucky you, that your recyclers take 1-7 plastic! I'm not sure what ours takes - but it isn't what we use most, like #5.

I'm impressed with your system. Good luck with your goal! :)


Kathryn B. said...

I don't know where you live, but if you lived in my neighborhood, I would give you some worms from my compost bin for free!

Anonymous said...

I used to have a worm composting bin in my apartment. It was great for cooked foods too which supposedly isn't good for regular composting outdoors (go figure?).

If you haven't found worms yet, keep your eyes open for fishing bait worms on sale in the country stores etc. You want the 'red wrigglers' which are the best composting worms available. They are very skinny and have a red tinge to them. One container should be enough to start. They'll multiply in no time if there's plenty of food.