Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Amex card blue card helped me be green

Last summer I signed up for the American Express Blue card which gives you cash back at the end of the year. Well, July was our year anniversary and we got $500 back (actually $497) !!!

We had eliminated all debt except for our mortgage. I was hesitant to use the credit card, but with discipline, this worked out great for us. We used the card for pretty much everything possible, but we paid IN FULL EVERY MONTH. If you make a late payment, you forfeit the cash back. So we were motivated and it paid off on time and in full.

This card helped us to be cheap and green: cheap because we made money and green because I ended up paying a lot of other bills online with the Amex (comcast, geico, etc) instead of paper bills. Previously I always did paper bills in the mail with checks.

So I guess this isn't my "greenest" post but it makes my cheap side smile!

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Leah Ingram said...

Even though so many money experts tell you NOT to use credit cards when you're trying to live frugally, you and I think alike. If you can pay off your balance every month--and because you're using your credit card with a balance you know you need to pay off every month--I think you actually spend less than if you paid with cash. We, too, have a rewards credit card, but ours is for Shop Rite. Our benefits come in gift cards that we can use for food shopping. Right now that make the most sense for us. Congrats on making sure you paid your balance in full for an entire year. That's a nice little bonus you got. Enjoy! Leah