Monday, July 21, 2008

Trash update!

I've been doing the Enviromom Challenge, trying to get to one can of trash a month. I'm surprised...since we started composting and continued our regular recycling, we have managed to have probably 1 and a 1/2 cans a month. I didn't think we'd even get down to two cans! So to celebrate our reduced trash (and to make more space in our kitchen), I got a smaller, pull out trash can that goes under the sink.

The composting is working, but going slow since we're doing it worm-free (for now). I was afraid what our little compost bin would look/smell like when we got back after a week at the beach, but I was pleasantly surprised. The last thing I put in there was corn husks, and it smelled like...cornhusks!

In other exciting (probably only to me!) news, we got our Pur water dispenser for the fridge. Yay! Between that and our iced tea maker, we'll be avoiding a lot of the prepackaged beverage bottles.

Has anyone else been doing the Enviromom trash challenge?


From Bottle to Box said...

My goal too has been one can per month. I'm still at 3 cans per week. I have a lot of work. I'm off tomorrow to find a raccoon free composter. Our raccoons are huge. Congrats on you trash!

Melissa said...

There's only one of me in my household so it wouldn't be very fair of me to say that I normally average one trash bag a month. ;) Unfortunately that means a lot of fruit flies in my household and I can't really compost in my apartment. =(

Christine said...

In all fairness I do have to say that my household only has 3 people, so it probably is much easier for me to reduce trash than it would be for a family of six. But I think the biggest thing that has helped was choosing what to buy based on its packaging and noy buying stuff/recreational shopping :)