Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today's a mixed bag!

No big topic today, but a few snippets:

SHAMPOO: I tried some new shampoo! You may remember from a few posts back that I wanted to change to a more earth-friendly (and health friendly) shampoo. So I tried Kiss My Face Green Tea and Lime Everyday shampoo. Overall, I liked it. It cleaned my hair well and doesn't make it feel limp or heavy. It even lathered, which I thought it wouldn't since it leaves out the ingredient SLS. The only drawbacks: the price ($6-8) and I wasn't that into the smell. It wasn't bad, just not my kind of smell, but not so bad that I wouldn't use it.

SPICES: I was reading about buying in bulk and how that not only can save money but also lessen the packing waste in your household. I'm a little wary of bulk purchases because if it's not used in time, it can go to waste. So before I buy something in bulk that may go bad, I need to be sure I'd use it. Spices are one thing I know we use A LOT I did a quick search on bulk spices and came up with something that looks really good: The Monterey Bay Spice Company. Now I haven't ordered from them yet, but they are certified organic and sell spices, herbs, teas, essential oils and more. There prices look fairly reasonable. I'll let you know if/when I order from them.


Alissa said...

Cool on the shampoo - that's one brand I haven't tried yet. :) You'll have to update us once you've been using it for awhile and let us know if you still like it.

Anonymous said...

I got this idea from Mrs. Accountability at, and so far I'm loving it - washing my hair with baking soda, and rinsing with vinegar. I've been rinsing with vinegar for a long time, but washing with baking soda was new to me... I love how my hair feels, I love how cheap it is, I love how I'm not putting any chemicals I can't pronounce on my head. I use the baking soda about every third day, and rinse with vinegar every day. I doubt I'll ever buy shampoo again, and my hair feels just as good as it did when I used expensive shampoo.

mom go green said...

buying in bulk doesn't have to mean big quantities if you have a store with bulk bins. we have a natural food store co-op near us that has the most incredible bulk bin selection. you can purchase only as much as you need, and the idea is to bring your own reusable containers to fill up (or a reusable cloth bag).
i completely agree with you though - bulk doesn't make sense if the majority of the product will end up as waste anyway.