Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nice Weather and the End of Summer

This has, by far, been the most pleasant weather in August I can remember. Usually in Maryland, August is hot and sticky...really humid. This August has been different...sunny and pleasant, warm but not too hot. A great by-product of this is that we have hardly had the air conditioner on this month.

At the beginning of the summer we decided to try to keep the a/c off as much as possible. We stuck with that and pretty much only turned the air on once the temperature hit 90 degrees. And that hasn't happened too much lately. We've had a lot of 80-85 degree days, windows open and a nice breeze. For once, I can't wait to get the BGE bill!

Our summer ends tonight and tomorrow we head back to school in my household. I'm sad to see this summer end, but the new school year is always exciting. So I will be back to work but will still be doing the blog :)

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Robin said...

It's true, it's been the nicest August ever. We got by without the a/c, and I can't say I felt terribly deprived. This weekend was beautiful- the kids and I camped in the backyard. Have a good back-to-school!