Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New "Beanswax" Yankee Candles

The Yankee Candle Company must have caught that my sister and I stopped buying their candles...their stock must have dropped dramatically! They are now making soy candles they call their "Beanswax" line.

I stopped using "regular" scented candles for these reasons: they contain paraffin, a petroleum by product. Not earth friendly and possibly unhealthy when burned. Soy candles burn longer, cleaner and are made from a renewable resource.

I was recently at a Yankee Candle store and a really nice sales person saw me looking at the Beanswax candles. She was very nice in explaining all the scents. To be honest, though, I wasn't too impressed with the scents. Don't get me wrong, they weren't bad, just kind of...there...and not very strong.

They also were a little expensive. The 18 oz jar cost $24.99 plus shipping. I've been buying my soy candles from Swan Creek Candle and their most expensive candle is $19.30 for 24 oz. Plus they send one free candle (usually 6-7 oz) with each order. I love their scents...especially the Thai Pear (and, no, I'm not on the Swan Creek payroll- I just LOVE their candles).

So I applaud Yankee for getting with the "green" program, but the cheap side of me will stay with the Swan Creek candles.

P.S. For those of you who read the "I'm scared of my compost bin" entry...I survived!!! It wasn't bad at all :)


Nancy said...

Buy me some more for Christmas, Sista! I am out!

futrose said...

You may want to check your sources on what soy candles are made of... just about every soy candle product on the market is not 100% soy. The wax used in "soy" candles is a blend of soy wax and paraffin wax. Soy doesn't burn well on it's own and also doesn't have a very good scent throw which is probably why Yankees didn't smell that strong. On a different note, I applaud you for your efforts to be "green", we all want to make sure we take care of the environment. If the cheap side of you is looking for a great smelling jar candle check out these. The spiced pumpkin is the best.

Christine said...

Thanks for the info, futrose...yes, the Swan Creek Candles are 100% soybean of the reasons I chose their brand. Thanks for the comment!

Allie said...

I was wondering about the "beanswax" candles. . . I'm curious what they use to scent them. The dreaded "fragrance" ingredient is often a red flag for phthalates. But if they use essential oils, and are phthalate-free then that's awesome. Still expensive, but I know a lot of people live Yankee and if they'll make the switch, that's awesome.

I'll have to check out Swan Creek -- they look great!

gp said...

Just bought the Yankee beanswax in Cookies for Santa, and End of the Line.
I agree that in the store they do not smell strong, but let me tell you. Once burning, these things are awesome. They filled the whole house quick, burn alot cleaner than the housewarmer, and are nicer to look at.
I would DEFINITELY recommend these.