Friday, August 1, 2008

Wind Turbines!

Recently, we were up in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Near the Blue Knob State Park, they are building wind turbines as alternate energy resources.

The company that makes the wind turbines is Gamesa. The group of wind turbines you see in the picture is officially called the Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm.
We were surprised to see them building these last summer. They are truly awe inspiring. The pictures don't do their size justice!
If you look at the truck in the second picture, you'll get an idea of the size of the turbine. We drove around and couldn't stop saying, "wow..."

It's exciting to see real examples of alternate energy sources in action. And while there are some residents that are pursuing legal action against the company because they feel the noise lowers the value of their property, we were pretty close to one that was spinning and I didn't really hear anything.
I also found a video taken from a plane that shows the wind turbines from the air. Pretty cool. Enjoy!

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