Saturday, August 2, 2008

A month without plastic ?!?!?

Christine Jeavans, a writer for the BBC, is challenging herself to a month without buying, or accepting, anything plastic. The story is here.

She's keeping a blog to update everyone on her progress.

It's a REALLY challenging thing to do. As much as we have reduced waste in our house, certain things...well, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't buy them because they were packaged in plastic.

I think about bread...I guess I could make it if I had to. And peanut butter for my son's lunches...well, there may be someone out there who still packages in glass. Hmm...maybe this isn't as difficult as I thought? Unless it's Christmas time and you know how packed in plastic toys are.

Whether I could do it or not, it is interesting to think about.


Pushing30 said...

Thanks for pointing out this blog about plastic. The article was full of excellent statistics and details regarding our wasteful use of plastic. I will definitely be following the writer's journey over the next month to see if it is possible to live without plastic.


Green Plan(t) said...

Some varieties of Trader Joe's nut butters are in glass, if that helps.

I applaud your decision to try this, I hope it works out!