Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eating Green(s)

I am not a salad person. I know there are people out there who actually eat salads, um.... because they like them! And I've always wanted to like salads (I love veggies in general), but I just have never really gotten excited about them.

So when I started eating healthier foods in order to get my acid reflux under control, I thought I'd try salads. Healthy, filling, and they keep you trim. Tried it, and, well...nah...Not that I thought they were gross, just bland.

This summer I thought I'd give it another go. I've made salads and my main goal was to make them more exciting. Although a standard lettuce, tomato, carrot salad is easiest, I knew I needed to jazz it up...a lot!

So I've been eating salads with fruit thrown in, various cheeses and meats and all kinds of different dressings. Believe it or not, I've been eating 1-2 salads a week. Now this may seem like nothing to those of you who eat salads daily, but for me this is a HUGE change. I think if I can manage to do a little planning ahead, I can manage to make salads my daily lunch.

Anyone have any salad combinations that you love and want to share?


Robin said...

I just discovered goat cheese. Like a party in my tummy!

Also, a friend recently made me a salad with bleu cheese and the thinnest slices of pear. Now, I don't reaaly like pears, but they added a nice crunch and the sweet balanced the tang of the cheese nicely (as I informed her in a snooty, food critic voice).

Cheap Like Me said...

Beets, blue cheese and toasted pecans ... or add pears too! Yum.

A "wilted" salad where a thick, crisp lettuce (like butter lettuce) is wilted with some hot bacon-grease-based dressing and mixed with green apples, nuts, stilton -- this was a favorite at a restaurant we used to frequent.

And my niece has a salad named for her at their house ... lettuce, shredded carrots, bacon bits and ranch dressing. Like a comfort salad.

Leah Ingram said...

My favorite salad is one with regular greens and veggies, but with goat cheese and dried cranberries tossed in. I keep a package of feta cheese in the fridge in case I feel like having a quasi-Greek salad with dinner.


From Bottle to Box said...

I am a huge fan of the beet salad, but I prefer soft goat cheese crumbles, walnuts and simply balsamic vinegar with a little olive oil.

Missy said...

This one is always a fave to eat when we're on a Greek kick:

We usually omit the radishes, but in general we've always made our own salads that work on the foundation of thinly sliced cucumbers, feta cheese, olive oil, red or balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. After that, it's all yours, you can add all kinds of other veggies to it in any kind of combination. We've done carrots, celery, red onions, tomatoes, etc. It's always tasty, and never boring. I'm a big meat eater, so for me to say that it's tasty is a big time endorsement for salad!

Christine said...

Wow...lots of recommendations for goat cheese! I'll have to try it!

Goddess of the Garden said...

Instead of salads you might try green smoothies. I put a on of spinach or other dark greens in a blender and mix with bananas and other fruits. I love them and my all 3 of my kids love them. We have 2 a day usually.