Saturday, August 9, 2008

Classes on being green

The local community college in my county just published their fall courses. I always read the course offerings because they have so many classes and lectures that are non-credit courses that are inexpensive and meant to enrich the community.

They have fun kids classes like robotics, theatre and kids cooking, but what really interested me were their "green courses". This fall they are offering 1 session classes in Greening Your Home and Really Recycling. While the Greening Your Home sounds interesting, I don't think they'd have any information I haven't already read online or in books. I am interested, though, in the recycling class because they are going to tell about the "behind the scenes" part of recycling...what happens to your recycling after it is picked up curbside. Best part- it costs $19.

What about your local community colleges? What kind of cheap and green offerings do they have? You might be pleasantly surprised!


From Bottle to Box said...

$19! You are so lucky. Our community college is $150.

Christine said...

Yeah, our community colleges has a lot of these non credit mini-courses that are pretty cheap!