Monday, August 11, 2008

The Great Depression

Everyone (including me) has been complaining about the recession, rising prices of groceries and gas. It amazes me how much the cost of things has risen, while salaries remain about the same.

My inherent cheapness is bothered by spending much more at the grocery store for the same things I bought last year for a lot less. I try to fill my gas tank when it is half empty so the total on the pump doesn't send me into shock!

Last night I watched "Cinderella Man" on dvd (checked out from the library, of course). The story takes place during the Great Depression. There are scenes in it that are hearbreaking: a little girl with one spoonful of food, asking for another and there isn't one to be had...the mom watering down a bottle of milk...having no electricity in the winter...a child burning up with fever but no money to take them to the doctor.

It made me feel lucky that the current economy is only making me feel uncomfortable...but no where near as bad as the people (like my grandparents) had to deal with during the Depression. I think of so many of the frugal things I learned from watching my grandmother and I know these things came from her experience in the Depression.

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