Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Freecycle is cheap and green!

I love Freecycle! For those of you unfamiliar with Freecycle, it's an online network, locally based, where people give away and can get things for FREE. The purpose is to keep things out of landfills.

Freecycle has been great in the year or two I have been using it. It's been a life saver as far as decluttering goes. I rarely have something that I post that doesn't get picked up. Granted, you occasionally get "no shows" but the overall good experience outweighs the bad.

Some things I've received from Freecyclers:

a lilac bush
rice cooker
bread maker
kids' clothes
soccer cleats
an exercise bike

I've been able to pass on to others kids' clothes, an old (but still working) chest freezer, a desk, shoes, records, baskets, a chandelier, kids' toys...all stuff that I knew someone would still want. We even had a "free-for-all" after our yard sale. I posted on Freecycle that anything on our driveway was a freebie. Two hours later, it was pretty much all gone.

Today I picked up a huge bunch of iris bulbs from a kind freecycler. I'm not quite the master gardener, so I am always hesitant to spend money on plants that turn brown at my touch :)

The lady that gave me the bulbs (which I will be planting this afternoon) told me that if I get any dark golden irises next year, they are very old and came from her grandmother. How cool!

So Freecycle is a really good way to eliminate clutter without trashing stuff...people are out there that do want your old stuff! It's also a great way to find things you wouldn't want to go out and buy (like the breadmaker). I love it!


Alissa said...

I love Freecycle. :)
When I switched to all-natural personal care products, I couldn't bring myself to throw the old stuff away, so I posted it on Freecycle. I had two large grocery bags full of stuff... everything from bubble bath to a half-empty box of tampons. I said I didn't condone the stuff, but if someone would use it, it was better than putting it in a landfill. I got many eager responses, and the lady who ended up taking it was so very grateful.

From Bottle to Box said...

I used to lug everything to Goodwill, but Freecycle is so much easier for the "lazy" in me. Just like you said - leave it on the porch and it's soon gone!

Melissa said...

This is one of the reasons why I loved moving to Portland - they have such a humongous freecycling community for a little state! I helped my boyfriend freecycle a few furniture items that he didn't want to take with him to Philly this past month, and I'm currently using a pair of white linens (flat sheets technically!) for a curtain-sewing project that's turning out much better than I ever expected!