Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When PINK goes Green

I don't usually post twice in a day (sometimes it's hard to do it once a week!), but thought this was worth mentioning.

Mattel is having a Barbie event at Walmart on November 8th that is cheap and green. (Sidenote: I don't like Wal-mart for a number of reasons, and don't shop I'm not promoting them, but just sharing some info, here.)

Mattel is asking kids to bring in their old Barbies and for every Barbie collected, a new one will be given to a children's hospital. Nice, huh? But there's more...why do they want those old Barbies anyway? Mattel wants them to use them to explore recycling options! I thought that was very cool...I've wondered how many Barbies are in landfills. Barbie pink is going green!

So how is this cheap? Little girls can dress up in Barbie clothes and get their pictures taken with Barbie (ie real life person dressed as Barbie) and get a free 4x6 print. A fun day that involves charity, environmental issues and you get fun stuff too.


Nancy said...

That's cool! Do you have to be a little girl though?

Cheap Like Me said...

Too bad they're not refurbishing the old Barbies to give away like new! But it's better than nothing -- at least they are considering a change. :) We have a whole passel of Barbies in our basement; maybe we will take part.ani