Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cheap and green books

Just got a phone call from my aunt who knows how much my family LOVES books. Even my 7 year old loves reading. Well, my aunt told me of a "bookstore" she recently visited downtown called "The Book Thing".

Why is the Book Thing green? People donate books to them to be re-read, re-used, recycled. Less trash in the landfill...although I have no idea how someone can throw away a book!

Why is the Book Thing cheap? Well, it's beyond cheap. It's free. No, not a's FREE. Look around, take as many books as you want. FREE. The guy who started the Book Thing wanted to keep books in circulation. He knows there's a book out there for everyone. I know this is a local Baltimore thing, but perhaps there's someplace like this in your community?

There's a great article on this that appeared in the Chicago Times a few years ago. Check it out, and I'll be making my trip down there to check it out in person soon!

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Melissa said...

I've been using, which is an international book community to recycle books. It's all based on a point system where one point is deducted when you mooch a book off of one person and you receive a point when you give a book away. The assumption is that the mailing (all media mail!) costs will even out in the end. It's a great way to receive books in pretty good condition that you want to read while emptying out your own library for those books you know you won't be reading again any time soon. I've given away ata least 20+ books from my childhood stack at home and have mooched off at least 12 or so great books!