Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Breaking up with Netflix

Before I get into this, can I say I LOVE Netflix? It's cheap and convenient and it gets delivered to your mailbox. I've used Netflix for years and never a problem. this economy, we've been looking for areas to cut out extras. We've been having the "do we or don't we keep Netflix" conversation for about a month now. I think Netflix is pretty cheap (we pay about $9 a month for one dvd at a time) considering what the video store charges.

Twelve months a year x $9 is more than $100/year for movies. While a little painful, we decided to break it off ("it's not you, Netflix, it's me"). We already have digital cable which had millions of channels including the free movie by request channel. Our local library is AWESOME. It has all the new movies and great classics and it's free. So, really, we're just losing the convenience of getting a particular movie at a particular time. I can be biggie.

So I go to Netflix's site to cancel. I call my husband at work to make more we really want to end it? Netflix has been so good to us. But alas, he confirms it. I click the cancel button.

Then, unexpectedly, a screen pops up. "Too busy for movies right now? Put your account on hold." For 90 days I can put my account on hold, not receive movies and not be billed. It's like the Ross and Rachel "on a break" from Friends. So we're on a break from Netflix for a couple months, and if we haven't missed it by February, then we'll end it for real and save ourselves some money.

But I'll always love you, Netflix ;)


Nancy said...

You are hilarious! I can't break up with Netflix. Our library isn't that modern yet. Plus I love the selection of old TV shows they have. I thought about breaking up with Netflix but I did some math and the amount of movies I get a month, I am definitely getting my money's worth!

LEC Trail Rider said...

I am not sure how your library works, but ours is great. We log onto the network of libraries via the www - search for whatever we want, be it book, DVD, etc. and then request it. A drop down gives the option of what library the item should go to for pickup, so we naturally choose our local branch. So many people here think that if it is not in the local library you cannot get the item - not true. Also, another thing to check is the redbox rental - $ 1.00/day through a machine; I have seen them in Wal-Mart - pick a DVD, swipe your CC, enter emails address, watch movie at home, return to ANY redbox machine, stick DVD back in and you are done. Pretty cool. Gotta love cheap AND convenient.

Izzy said...

I was just reading something recently about how Netflix's packaging is excessive. Apparently, someone did the math for all the people using Netflix and determined that on a grand scale, it's not as green as just going to your local video store (while you're already out, of course). $5 a movie, Blockbuster isn't very wallet-friendly, either.