Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

I don't have a specific topic for today, but there are a couple thoughts I've had over the past few days that may be cheap and/or green but are basically unrelated. So here's the randomness:

1) There's way too much waste in malls. Yesterday my son and I were in a mall. We rarely go to malls because it's the best way I know how to NOT spend my money. I have little self control around a Crate and Barrel. while we were there I thought about all the bags people seems that it is socially acceptable to take your own bag grocery shopping but if you do it at a mall, you're a freak.

And the trash at the food court...TONS. So many of the food places even use styrofoam. There was no place to recycle soda/juice/water bottles (I sense another one of my annoying letters coming on). Don't you think those places could use the kind of cafeteria trays with separate compartments for food? I mean, they wash the trays anyway...

2) I'm afraid of my compost bin. I have been a bad composter lately and have not stirred it up or added enough browns...and it's a little stinky. I'm going to empty the decayed stuff in my garden. We'll see...wish me luck!

3) There are a lot of little things that I forget about when trying to be green. For a long time I just threw the toilet paper rolls in the trash because there was a trashcan in the bathroom. One day it hit me...duh...toilet paper rolls are paper- why am I not recycling them? So I'm going to try not to overlook the obvious :)

4) I have sunflower seeds to plant. My aunt gave me some sunflowers chock full of seeds to plant. She even gave me a HUGE one (about a foot in diameter) full of seeds. This big one was named "George"and my uncle was sad to see it go. So if I am lucky, next year I can have sunflowers in my yard.

5) Coupons are awesome. Coupons used for sale items at the grocery today saved me A LOT. I can't believe people throw out coupons (or recycle them, LOL). My bill at the grocery today BEFORE I used my bonus card and coupons was $142. After bonus card and coupons....$78. That makes me feel a little better with all these rising prices.

Okay, I'm off to tackle the compost. Let's hope my next entry isn't about how I discovered Bigfoot in the compost bin...although at this point, that's what it looks like in there!


Melissa said...

I hear you on number one. When my mom and I go shopping, we try to get those big paper bags (with the handles) because those have so much more utility in them and then after they get used ten/twenty times and get ripped, we recycle them. Unfortunately, there's been pushback by some companies who insist on giving shopping bags for "proof of purchase" reasons:

The greatest (maybe even saddest?) thing is that there have been consumers who are eco-minded and have refused and have been detained for voicing their opinion.

And I would agree with you on the plastic cafeteria trays, except that that would only fly if sanitation and food safety regulations beefed up to proper standards where we would feel safe to eat off of communal plastic trays that were cleaned completely (no crusties please!) and properly (no sharing of the floor chemicals with the dishwasher, or something equally egregious). Unfortunately we are far from close to the right standards.

Pushing30 said...

Coupons ARE awesome and yes malls are terrible for waste. I just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your blog and gave you a blog award today!

Check out my site and feel free to pay it forward.

Cheers :)